Longing, Peace

Apollo 8 Peace Prayer

Give us, O God, the vision which can see Your love in the world in spite of human failure.  Give us the faith to trust Your goodness in spite of our ignorance and weakness.  Give us the knowledge that we may continue to pray with understanding hearts.  And show us what each one of us can do to set forward…


Ancient, Confession, Short

The Prayer Of Ambrose

O Lord, all merciful: Light within me the fire of your Holy Spirit. Take away this heart of stone and give a heart of flesh and blood, a heart to love and adore you, a heart which may delight in you, love you and praise you, for Christ’s sake. Amen.

Communion Eucharist

Grain & Grapes

We give you thanks, Father, for the life and truth revealed in Jesus Christ: Yours is the glory for ever and ever. As the grain once scattered in the fields, And the grapes once dispersed on the hillside, are now united on this table in bread and wine, So, Lord may your whole church seen be gathered together, From the…


Christmas, Intercession

Christ Shine In Our Darkness

Jesus Christ, you come to transfigure us and to renew us in the image of God: shine in our darkness. Jesus Christ, light of our hearts, you know our thirst: lead us to the wellspring of your Gospel. Jesus Christ, light of the world, you shine on every human being: enable us to discern your presence in each person. Jesus…


Ancient, Love, Need Or Trial

Shepherd Prayer – Gregory Of Nyssa

O Good Shepherd, Who carries the whole flock on your shoulders, Where are you pasturing your flock? Show me the place of peace, lead me to the good grass that will nourish me, call me by name so that I hear your voice, Answer me, For you are the One my soul loves. I call you ‘the One my soul…


Children, Longing

My Shining Heart

Lord Jesus, You are my friend, Thank you that you have faith in me! Your grace is holding me. You are my mountain, My glorious light, My shining heart! I was covered in sin, But you broke the chains! I rise in your Greater love and grace. Send your angels to surround me, May I entertain angels unaware. You have…


Holy Spirit & Pentecost, Mystics

Holy Spirit Comforting Fire – Hildegard of Bingen

Holy Spirit, Comforting fire, Life of all creation. Anointing the sick, cleansing body and soul, Fill this body! Holy Spirit, Sacred breath, Fire of love, Sweetest taste, Beautiful aroma, Fill this heart! Holy Spirit, Filling the world, from the heights to the deep, Raining from clouds, filling rivers and sea, Fill this mind! Holy Spirit, Forgiving and giving, uniting strangers,…


Listening, School & Study, Short

We Tip It Out In Front Of You – Iona

Lord God … we bring you everything, and tip it out in front of you . . . And now we pause a while in silence, waiting for you to show us what we need to understand . . . – Roddy Cowie, Iona Community – New prayers from the Iona Community SKU/ISBN: 9781849525480

Dying & Loss, Need Or Trial

For Things Still Undone

Complete One, You know that sometimes I fret About what is left unfinished. Catch me when I fall backwards toward regret. Call my heart to this precious moment. Grace this very breath. Nothing I ever did was fully perfect, But Your grace makes all whole. So I trust that in You The incomplete is and will be Complete. – Matt…


Ancient, Faith, Short

For Answered Prayer – Chrysostom

Almighty God, You have gathered us together, In one place to call on you in common together. You have promised that when two or three gather in your name you will be in our midst. Fulfil our desires and prayers, As is best for us, That we may know your truth in this world, And in the age of life…