Aussie, Intercession, Lent & Cross

Facing Injustice Slander Imprisonment

Litany for those facing injustice, slander, and false imprisonment (written in response to the Trial of Jesus before the Sanhedrin, Mark 14:53-65)   Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.   Lord Jesus, by your unjust arrest, by your silence in the face of false accusation, and by your telling of the truth when it mattered most: Save…

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Lent & Cross

‘Crucifixion Prayer’ by John Wesley

O Jesus, poor and humble, unknown and despised, let me not be ashamed to follow you. Have mercy on me. O Jesus, hated and persecuted, let me not be afraid to follow you. Have mercy on me. O Jesus, betrayed and sold like an object, let me be content to call you master. Have mercy on me. O Jesus, accused and wrongfully…

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Baptism, Communion / Eucharist, Lent & Cross

Anima Christi

Spirit of Christ, sanctify us. Body of Christ, save us. Blood of Christ, refresh us. Water from the side of Christ, wash us. Passion of Christ, strengthen us. Lord Jesus, hear us. Within your wounds hide us. Let us never be separated from you. From the power of darkness defend us. In the hour of death, call us so we come to…

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Confession & Repentance, Lent & Cross, Short

Giving Up Control

Lord, Forgive me for my pride and my need to control, Forgive me for my fear and my desire to please at any cost. Forgive me Lord, for my lack of listening and for holding on too tightly. Thank you Lord, for the miracle you work despite the obstacles I put in your way, for I am but dust in…

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In Need Or Trial, Lent & Cross, Short

Prayer At The Cross

God of all goodness, By the hell and victory of the cross, embolden us to come to you, with our loud cries for tears to receive mercy and help in time of need.   – Joy Tetley. England. – As at Pg 52, “Prayers Encircling The World” Westminster John Knox Press    

Blessing, Lent & Cross

A Closing Prayer

O Risen Christ, You go down to the lowest depths of our human condition, and you burden yourself with what burdens us. Still more, you even went to the grave, To those who have died. And even when within us, We hear no whisper of your presence, You are there. Through your Holy Spirit you remain with us. Amen.  …

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