Morning, Orthodox, Trinity

St Basil’s Morning Prayer

As I rise from sleep I thank You, O Holy Trinity, for through your great goodness and patience. You were not angry with me for my laziness and sin! You have not destroyed me in my sins! You showed Your love for people! When I was flattened by despair You raised me up to keep the morning watch and praise You! And now…


Morning, Orthodox, Work

St Philaret’s Morning Prayer

Lord, give me the strength to greet the coming day in peace. Help me in all things to rely on Your holy will. Reveal Your will to me every hour of the day. Bless my dealings with all people. Teach me to treat all people who come to me throughout the day with peace of soul and with firm conviction…


Celtic, Morning

I Arise Today

I arise today In the name of SilenceWomb of the Word,In the name of StillnessHome of Belonging,In the name of SolitudeOf the Soul and the Earth. I arise today Blessed by all things,Wings of breath,Delight of eyes,Wonder of whisper,Intimacy of touch,Eternity of soul,Urgency of thought,Miracle of health,Embrace of God. May I live this day Compassionate of heart,Clear in word,Gracious in…


Longing, Morning

We Are Waking – Jamberoo Abbey

We are waking, God. We are waking. And we pray That we may know you As manna in the desert, Wellsprings in the wilderness, Honey from the Rock, O God our habitation, And our way. Amen. – Jan Richardson, Jamberoo Abbey. – Jamberoo Abbey is a Benedictine prayer retreat centre. – Find out more at – Submitted by Doug.

Ancient, Morning, Short

Morning Prayer – St Patrick

Christ be with us this day, Within us to purify us; Above us to draw us up; Beneath us to sustain us; Before us to lead us; Behind us to restrain us; Around us to protect us. – St Patrick 389-461AD

Morning, Pastors, Short

Morning Prayer – John Wesley

O that we could begin this day in devout meditations, in joy unspeakable, and in blessing and praising Thee, who hast given us such good hope and everlasting consolation. Lift up our minds above all these little things below, which are apt to distract our thoughts; and keep them above till our hearts are fully bent to seek Thee every…


Morning, Need Or Trial, Peace

You Know The Way – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

O God, early in the morning I cry to you. Help me to pray And to concentrate my thoughts on you. I cannot do this alone. In me there is darkness, but with you there is light. I am lonely, but you do not leave me. I am feeble in heart, but with you is strength. I am restless, but with…


Daily, Morning

Luther’s Morning Prayer

I thank you heavenly Father, through your dear Son Jesus Christ, that you have protected me through the night from all harm and danger. I ask you to keep me this day, too, from all sin and evil so that in my thoughts, words and deeds I may please you. In your hands I place my body and soul and…


Children, Morning

Thank You For Today

Thank you, God, for the day-time when I can be awake and busy. Thank you for all there is for me to do today: new things to find out, friends and games to play. Thank you for the sun that gives us warmth and light to see by. Amen.