Prayers Of Church, Scholars, Short

Intercession – Anselm Of Canturbury

We pray before you, O Lord, the troubles and perils of people and nations, the sighing of prisoners and captives, the sorrows of the bereaved, the necessities of strangers, the helplessness of the weak, the despondency of the weary, the failing powers of the aged. O Lord, draw near to each; for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.  …

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Ancient, Intercession, Prayers Of Church

‘Prayer For The Afflicted’ by St Clement

Lord our helper and protector. Save the afflicted among us; have mercy on the lowly; raise up the fallen; appear to the needy; heal the ungodly; restore the wanderers of thy people; feed the hungry; ransom our prisoners; raise up the sick; comfort the faint-hearted. – Clement of Rome, died 96AD and lived at same time as John and other apostles!

Prayers Of Church, Urban

Prayer For The Lonely (A Prayer Of The Church)

We pray for all who are lonely, children who are being bullied and dare not tell anyone; shy people who make it hard to make friends; those who feel rejected and isolated; those whose partner has died or left them; and the elderly people who miss their families and old friends. Be with them all in infinite love.

Praise, Prayers Of Church

‘You Are’ by St Francis Of Assisi

You are holy, Lord, the only God, and Your deeds are wonderful. You are strong. You are great. You are the Most High. You are Almighty. You, Holy Father are King of heaven and earth. You are Three and One, Lord God, all Good. You are Good, all Good, supreme Good, Lord God, living and true. You are love. You…

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Prayers Of Church, Traditional

All Saints Day Remembrance

Lord God, Without those before us, Without our mothers and fathers in faith, We would not know you. We remember our parents and our parents in faith.   God of Zechariah and Elizabeth, God of Mary and Joseph, God of John the Baptist, God of the angels Gabriel and Michael, God of Ambrose and Augustine, God of all martyrs and…

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