Creation, In Need Or Trial, Pain

During A Storm

Heavenly Father, Be with us in this storm. We see your greatness and our weakness. We see your almighty power over all. O Lord we are helpless and in need of protection. Abide with us, stay with us in this storm. Protect our home, our crops, and our people. We trust you Jesus, The One who stilled the wind and…

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In Need Or Trial, Pain

The Storm Of Hopelessness

In the hopelessness of poverty, God of the poor, Aid me.   In the crush of defeat, God of the downtrodden, Lift me.   In the despair of loneliness, God of the forsaken, Comfort me.   In the grip of guilt, God of the defenceless, Free me.   In the anxiety of life, God of the troubled, Calm me and…

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Celtic, Pain

My Soul’s Healer

God my soul’s healer, Keep me at even, Keep me at morning, Keep me at noon, On rough course faring, Help and safeguard You are my security this night. I am tired, astray, and stumbling, Shield Thou me from snare and sin. In the name of Christ.  Amen.   – From the Carmina Gadelica – Submitted by Doug

Hope, Pain

I Do Not Lie Here Alone

Dear Jesus, I’m lying here in pain, Struck down and at the lowest place. Pain consumes my world, And the more I think of the pain the worse it is. Others just can’t imagine how pain can reduce your consciousness down. But it seeps my brain, it fogs my awareness. It hurts. I long for the peace and relief of heaven,…

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In Need Or Trial, Pain, Poets, Short

Beethoven’s Prayer

Lord God, give me victory over myself, that nothing may imprison my life. Be the guiding light of my heart, lift me up from the dark depths.   May my sou be caught up in your wisdom, Fight its way upwards in fiery flight. For you alone understand me, and only you can give me the power to keep going.   – This prayer…

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