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Holy Spirit Comforting Fire – Hildegard of Bingen

Holy Spirit, Comforting fire, Life of all Creation. Holy Spirit, Giving life to All. Anointing those who are not whole, Cleansing mortal wounds. Holy Spirit, Sacred breath, Fire of love, Sweetest taste, Beautiful aroma, fill my heart! Holy Spirit, Most pure fountain uniting strangers, seeking lost, making people one, and enfolding us in life. Holy Spirit, Care for those imprisoned…

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Holy Spirit & Pentecost

Powerful Holy Spirit

Powerful Holy Spirt, Make your presence known in this place, through our worship our prayer, the reading of your Word. Father, Son, Holy Spirit, within whose unity lies all that is you, perfect love, justice, peace, and power. As we gather here today, your body, your church throughout this world, fill our outstretched hearts with your spirit, encircle us with…

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Faith, Holy Spirit & Pentecost, Love, Mystics

O God The Holy Spirit

O God the Holy Spirit, Light to your chosen ones Evermore shine in us. O God the fire of love, Evermore burn in us. God the Lord and Giver of Life, Evermore live in us. God who gives sevenfold grace, Evermore replenish us. As the wind is your symbol, So forward our goings. As the dove, so launch us heavenwards. As water, so purify our spirits. As…

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Holy Spirit & Pentecost, Listening

Mighty Breath Of God

Holy Spirit, Mighty Breath of God, blow far from us all dark despair, all deep distress, all groundless fears,  all sinful desires, all Satan’s snares,  all false values, all selfish wishes,  all wasteful worries.   Holy Spirit, Mighty Breath of God, Breathe into us your holy presence, your living love, your healing touch,  your boundless courage, your mighty strength, your perfect peace, your divine grace,  your…

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Creation, Holy Spirit & Pentecost

Holy Spirit River Flow

O Holy Spirit of Christ, Like a mountain stream rushing and flowing on. Carry us in the river of Your love and transport us gloriously, effortlessly, to the ocean of Your grace. Amen. This prayers has rewritten from the source. The original version is found at www.faithandworship.com and used under Creative Commons License.