Holy Spirit & Pentecost, Listening

Mighty Breath Of God

Holy Spirit, Mighty Breath of God,

blow far from us

all dark despair, all deep distress,

all groundless fears,  all sinful desires,

all Satan’s snares,  all false values,

all selfish wishes,  all wasteful worries.


Holy Spirit, Mighty Breath of God,

Breathe into us

your holy presence, your living love,

your healing touch,  your boundless courage,

your mighty strength, your perfect peace,

your divine grace,  your boundless joy.


Holy Spirit, Mighty Wind of God,

Wind of God,

We welcome you!


– A Pentecost prayer adapted slightly by Matt.

– Original prayer by Pamela Wilding, Kenya.

– Found in “Prayers Encircling the World.”  Westminster John Knox Press.