Children, Short

Wild And Crazy Sheep – Thomas Merton

Good Shepherd, You have a wild and crazy sheep in love with thorns and brambles. But please don’t get tired of looking for me! I know You won’t.  For You have found me. All I have to do is stay found.     .

Children, Longing

My Shining Heart – Ben Thiele

Lord Jesus, You are my friend, Thank you that you have faith in me! Your grace is holding me. You are my mountain, My glorious light, My shining heart! I was covered in sin, But you broke the chains! I rise in your Greater love and grace. Send your angels to surround me, May I entertain angels unaware. You have…


Children, Mealtime & Table Grace

Superman Grace

Thank you Lord for giving us food! Thank you Lord for giving us food! For our daily bread, ‘cause we need to be fed Thank you Lord for giving us food!   Obviously this is sung to the tune of ‘the Superman’ theme!

Children, Mealtime & Table Grace

Adams Family Grace

We thank you Lord for giving This food we need for living So join us while we eat it Because we really need it   This is sung to the tune of “The Adams Family” theme. Hum and click fingers in the appropriate places!

Children, Creation

Children’s Creation Prayer

Loving Father we praise you: For the beautiful sun, For the rain which makes things grow, For the bush and the paddocks, For the sea and the sky, For the flowers and the birds, And for your gifts to us. Everything around us sings with joy. With all you made we sing for joy too! Amen.

Children, Evening

Jesus Tender Shepherd

Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me: Bless your little child to-night; Through the darkness please with me, Keep me safe till morning light. All this day Your hand has led me, And I thank Your for Thy care; Thou hast warmed me, clothed me, fed me; Listen to my evening prayer. May my sins be all forgiven; Bless the friends I…


Blessing, Children

An Old Children’s Blessing

May the love of God our Father be in all our homes today: May the love of our lord Jesus keep our minds and hearts always: May his loving Holy Spirit guide and bless the ones I love, Mother, father, brothers, sisters, keep them safely in his love. Amen.


Thank You God For Being There

When I wake up in the morning, thank you God, for being there. When I come to school each day, thank you God, for being there. When I am playing with my friends, thank you God for being there. And when I go to sleep at night, thank you God, for being there. Amen.

Children, Morning

Thank You For Today

Thank you, God, for the day-time when I can be awake and busy. Thank you for all there is for me to do today: new things to find out, friends and games to play. Thank you for the sun that gives us warmth and light to see by. Amen.

Baptism, Children

Blessing For A Newborn

Welcome {name of child}, child of love. Blessed are you beyond telling, to be born to parents who love you and love each other. Blessed are you beyond telling that Christ was born just like you, And gave his life for you! May you be blessed to always know that God is ‘for you’ and will never leave or forsake you. Amen.  …