Children, Short

Wild And Crazy Sheep – Thomas Merton

Good Shepherd, You have a wild and crazy sheep in love with thorns and brambles. But please don’t get tired of looking for me! I know You won’t.  For You have found me. All I have to do is stay found.     .

Lament, Short

A Short Sigh To God – Martin Luther

A short sigh to God the Father… O God, Father of all poor, miserable souls! Give us all your grace and enlighten us with your truth. To you be praise, glory and thanks forever. Amen – Martin Luther (1483-1546AD)

Christmas, Short

Epiphany Prayer – Martin Luther

Dear God,lead us with the Wise Menby the star of your holy Wordto your Son, Christ Jesus,and always protect usfrom every attack. Then we will returnto our home countryby another route,that is, to Godby whom we are created,and finally come to the source again,as in a great golden ring. God help us,through Christ,our King and Priest,forever and ever.Amen. – Martin…


Ancient, Easter & New Life, Short

Hymn Of The Life-giving Cross

O Christ our God Ceaselessly we worship Before your Cross That gives us Life; And praise your Resurrection, When on that third day You made anew Our failing nature Showing us so clearly The Way back to heaven. For you alone are Good, The Lover of Humankind. – John Damascus (676 – 749 AD)

Lament, Short

God Of The Destitute

God of the destitute, prune our lives of all that we cling to. God of true wealth, draw us through the narrow gate of loss. God of Yeshua, living in those we neglect, through their generosity turn us to repentance, that we may be forgiven.  Amen. – Jim Cotter.

Scholars, Short, Work

Shatter Our Complacency

Come, Lord, do not smile and say you are already with us. Millions do not know you, and to us who do, what is the difference? What is the point of your presence if our lives do not alter? Change our lives, shatter our complacency. Make your word our life’s purpose. Take away the quietness of a clear conscience. Press…


Journey & Travel, Short

Lent Prayer

Christ of the wildernessChrist of the unknowingChrist of the fearful spaces In every stepwalk with us In each placeopen our eyes To see the wellspringswhere you wait for us O come to usChrist who knowsthe holy wayof the wilderness Amen Adapted by Doug from a blessing by Jan Richardson.

Celtic, Hope, Short

Guiding Star – Saint Columba

Be to me, O God, a bright flame before me, a guiding star above me, a smooth path beneath me, and a kindly shepherd behind me, today, tonight, and forever. St Columba 521-597AD, Iona

Evening, Short

Bedtime Prayer – Bruce Prewer

Loving God, as we go to our rest,     renew not only tired bodies     but also the hidden depths     of our complex being, where hope and compassion, faith, wisdom and love,     are made and nurtured. Let us rise tomorrow,     rejuvenated and eager. Amen.

Longing, Short

Waiting For you

Lord Jesus, many of us are waiting for you:    the war-torn are waiting for peace,   the hungry are waiting for bread.    the refugees are waiting for a homeland,     the sick are waiting for healers. Have you forgotten us? O Lord, come quickly, we pray. Amen. A modern prayer from Sudan

Ancient, Praise, Short

No Praises Are Adequate

Who on earth can adequately sing your praises? What can my eye see with which I can liken you? What music is there with which to compare you? You are above me, below me, within me and without. All exist in you, all are from you, you give us everything you withhold nothing. Who on earth can sing your praises? Origin unknown, supposedly a Jewish prayer from around or just…