Daily, Short

Jesus Is Enough For Me

Jesus is enough to keep me at peace like a child in it’s mother’s arms… Jesus is enough to keep me at peace like a child… Jesus is enough to keep me at peace… Jesus is enough to keep… Jesus is enough… Jesus…   – Inspired by Psalm 131:2 – Read Mark 10:13-16 and reflect. – Simplfied by Matt from a…

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Intercession, Listening, Mystics, Short

To Rejoice In The Eye Of The Storm

Oh Lord! To rejoice in the eye of the storm, to laugh out loud with delight in your presence, to respond with humility and to give in love – surely there is no other way. Help me Lord, to walk humbly, to love and to be loved and to hear your words in all that surrounds. Amen

Ancient, Confession & Repentance, Short

The Prayer Of Ambrose

O Lord, all merciful: Light within me the fire of your Holy Spirit. Take away this heart of stone and give a heart of flesh and blood, a heart to love and adore you, a heart which may delight in you, love you and praise you, for Christ’s sake. Amen.

Scholars, Short

‘Little Things Great Things’ by Blaise Pascal

Teach us, Lord, to do the little things as though they were great because of the majesty of Christ who does them in us and who lives our life. Teach us to do the greatest things as though they were little and easy because of Christ’s power! – Blaise Pascal 1623-1662AD famous for his mathematics and Pascal’s triangle!

Peace, Short

In Christ

In Christ alone my soul finds rest… In Christ alone my soul… In Christ alone… In Christ.   – Inspired by Psalm 62:1, 5 – From Bill Gaultiere at www.soulshepherding.org – Pray slowly reflecting on each line quietly.  

Mystics, Short

‘From Sour Faced Saints’ by Terisa of Avila

From silly devotions, And from sour-faced saints, Good Lord, deliver us!   – St Terisa Of Avila 1515-1582AD.  Now this one may seem a bit pointless at first, but go with it.  What kinds of silly worship, crazy stuff, and put-on shows have you seen in the name of God?  We need to pray about it!  Reflect on what God…

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