Over many years Matt Thiele and Doug Fitzpatrick at Immanuel Lutheran Church have collected ancient prayers of the faithful.  We believe that prayers to Christ (both biblical and not) are like bush tracks to meander and explore.  You never know where they might take you.  This ‘fast prayer’ that you can just grab, pop in the microwave, and serve up instantly.  This resource is encourage you to reflect and slow down.

This site raises no money and has no purpose for profit at all.  We’re just sharing prayers!

We can be contacted at or through Immanuel


Contributing Your Prayers

If you would like to contribute a prayer we would love that.  We are looking for four basic things:

1. Honesty (even if it’s not pretty!)

2. Simple direct language (but still can be beautiful and poetic)

3. Christ centred

4. Approaching God through grace (not law).

We respect copyright! Don’t just go copying prayers without taking note of source, authors and if they are copyrighted.  In many cases Matt has collected ancient prayers from multiple sources and edited or created his own simple translation.  If it’s a well known ancient prayer you might attempt that too!



Matt Thiele (Pastor @ Immanuel)

Doug Fitzpatrick (Pastor @ Immanuel)

Rick Zweck (Pastor in Glory)

Norm Auricht (Headmaster, Teacher, Elder)

Melita Jones (Interessor and pastoral carer)

Rob Knock (Elder, Leader, Visioner)

Nathan Hedt (Pastor, Faith Community Planter, Stunk Farmer)

Ben Thiele (Prayer Leader)

Eunice Wallis (Ministry Leader)