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Holy Spirit Comforting Fire – Hildegard of Bingen

Holy Spirit,
Comforting fire,
Life of all Creation.
Holy Spirit,
Giving life to All.
Anointing those who are not whole,
Cleansing mortal wounds.

Holy Spirit,
Sacred breath,
Fire of love,
Sweetest taste,
Beautiful aroma,
fill my heart!

Holy Spirit,
Most pure fountain
uniting strangers,
seeking lost,
making people one,
and enfolding us in life.

Holy Spirit,
Care for those imprisoned by the enemy.
Dissolve the bonds of those locked up in sin.

Mighty Holy Spirit,
Filling the earth,
from the heights to the deep,
you compose all,
you unite all.
Through you clouds stream,
stones produce streams,
waters become rivers,
and the earth brings forth Life.

Holy Spirit,
Bring gifts of knowledge,
Bring wisdom’s inspiration,
Bring illumination.

Praise be to you
the source of praise,
the greatest gift,
our hope and honour
the reward of Light.

Holy Spirit,
Praise be to you,

– Hildebard of Bingen (1098-1179AD)

– This prayer edited and language modernised by Matt.