Holy Spirit & Pentecost, Longing

Prayer To The Holy Spirit – Alphonsus Liguori


Most Holy Spirit,
My helper, Lover of the poor,
Comforter of the afflicted,
Light of hearts, Sanctifier of souls;
Here I am in your presence.

I adore you with deepest awe,
I bless you a thousand times,
and with the angels I also say: “Holy, holy, holy.”

I believe you are eternal,
One with the Father and the Divine Son.

I hope in your goodness
I love You, O Divine Love,
with all my heart
above all the things of this world,
because you are True Goodness,
alone worthy of all love.

I offer you this most cold heart of mine,
and I pray you would pierce it with light,
and with a spark of your fire,
to melt the hard ice of my iniquities.

You are Fire:
enkindle in me your love.
You are Light:
enlighten my mind with the knowledge of eternal things.
You are the Dove:
give me innocence of life.
You are the gentle Breeze:
disperse the storms of my passions.
You are the Speaker:
teach me how to bless always.
You are the Cloud:
shelter me under the shadow of your protection.
And lastly, you are the Giver of all heavenly gifts:
Make me alive with your grace;
so that I may ever bless you, praise you, and love you
first during this life on earth,
and then in heaven for all eternity.


– Alphonsus Liguori (1696-1787)

– Submitted by Rob, Edited by Matt.