Faith, Pain

Enough – Terisa Of Avila

Do not be disturbed or frightened,

Everything passes, but God stays.

Patience goes beyond all things.

The one who has God, lacks nothing.

God alone is enough.

Lift your thinking, raise it up to heaven,

Let nothing anguish you, let nothing disturb you.

Follow Jesus Christ with an open heart,

and no matter what may come, you need not fear.

See the glory of the world?

It is just vanity; it does not last, everything passes!

Yearn for the heavenly that lasts forever:

faithful and rich in promises,

God doesn’t change.

Love God the way God deserves

But there is not real love without patience!

Although harassed by hell

If you have God, even hell’s rage will be defeated!

Even in abandonment, crucifixion, misfortune;

If God is your treasure,

you lack nothing.

Go, then, things of the world

Go, vanity falsee happiness;

Even if everything is lost

God alone is enough.

– Terisa Of Avila (1515-1582AD)