Lament, Pain

I Do Not Lie Here Alone

O God,
I am struck down to my lowest.
Pain consumes my world.
The more I think of it the worse it is.
It beggars my brain, it fogs my senses,
It reduces my world to a searing endless struggle.

I call out to you, Jesus,
The crucified, betrayed, buried, descended One,
You bore this pain,
You lived this pain,
You beat this pain.
And if you, God, can be on that ‘God-forsaken’ cross,
Then you can be with me here.

Come Holy Spirit and let me use this time to give,
So that even in this moment of helplessness,
I may share Your love with the World.

Thank you Jesus, that you share this pain.


– Matt Thiele (The Journey Home, 2017)