Holy Spirit & Pentecost, Mystics

Holy Spirit Comforting Fire – Hildegard of Bingen

Holy Spirit, Comforting fire, Life of all creation. Anointing the sick, cleansing body and soul, Fill this body! Holy Spirit, Sacred breath, Fire of love, Sweetest taste, Beautiful aroma, Fill this heart! Holy Spirit, Filling the world, from the heights to the deep, Raining from clouds, filling rivers and sea, Fill this mind! Holy Spirit, Forgiving and giving, uniting strangers,…


Listening, School & Study, Short

We Tip It Out In Front Of You – Iona

Lord God … we bring you everything, and tip it out in front of you . . . And now we pause a while in silence, waiting for you to show us what we need to understand . . . – Roddy Cowie, Iona Community – New prayers from the Iona Community SKU/ISBN: 9781849525480

Dying & Loss, Need Or Trial

For Things Still Undone

Complete One, You know that sometimes I fret About what is left unfinished. Catch me when I fall backwards toward regret. Call my heart to this precious moment. Grace this very breath. Nothing I ever did was fully perfect, But Your grace makes all whole. So I trust that in You The incomplete is and will be Complete. – Matt…


Ancient, Faith, Short

For Answered Prayer – Chrysostom

Almighty God, You have gathered us together, In one place to call on you in common together. You have promised that when two or three gather in your name you will be in our midst. Fulfil our desires and prayers, As is best for us, That we may know your truth in this world, And in the age of life…


Ancient, Confession, Short

Purity Prayer – St Gregory The Great

Almighty God, To whom all hearts are open, All desires known, And from whom no secrets are hidden, Cleanse our hearts, By the breath of your Holy Spirit, That we may fully love you, And praise well your holy name. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. – Gregory The Great / Pope Gregory The First (~540-604) – Modern translation for clarity

Praise, Scholars

Way Truth & Life – Erasmus

Lord Jesus Christ, The way, the truth and the life! Do not let us stray from your path, For you are our way. Do not let us distrust your promises, For you are the truth. Do not let us rest in anything other than you, For your are our life. Lord Jesus, You are the one to believe, You are…


Journey & Travel, Work

A Sailor’s Prayer

Lord of earth, sea and sky, You rule the mighty deep, You rule the uttermost part of the sea, Even there your hand will lead me, Your right hand will uphold me. You are my compass, My lighthouse, My safe haven in the storm, Your grace surpasses the mightiest wave- Protect me from raging winds and treacherous billows! May your…


Ancient, Lent & Cross

Glory To The Suffering Christ – St Gregory The Great

Glory to you The Suffering Christ O Lord, You were insulted and hated, yet each day You free captive souls from the grip of the ancient enemy. You did not turn Your face away from the spitting and hate, yet You wash souls in saving waters. You accepted Your scourging without crying out, yet through your words You deliver us…


Ancient, Creation, Praise

Prayer Of Praise – St Gregory of Nazianzus

O God, You alone are unutterable, from the time you created all things that can be spoken of. You alone are unknowable, from the time you created all things that can be known. All things cry out about you, those which speak, and those which cannot speak. All things honour you; those which think, and those which cannot think. For…


Longing, Mystics, Short

Circle Prayer

Jesus – send your angels to encircle us! Keep protection near, And danger far.   Jesus – encircle us! Keep hope within, And doubt without.   Jesus – encircle us! Keep light near, And darkness far.   Jesus – encircle us! Keep peace with in, Drive evil out.   – Rick Zweck – Often used with the Labyrinth

Blessing, Creation, Peace

Deep Peace Blessing

Deep peace of the shining star to you, Deep peace of the running wave to you, Deep peace of the quiet earth to you, Deep joy of the leaping fire to you, Deep peace of the Son of Peace to you. – An adaptation of an old Celtic Blessing – By Sister Susan, Nada Hermitage, Colorado

Holy Spirit & Pentecost

Powerful Holy Spirit

Powerful Holy Spirt, Make your presence known in this place, through our worship our prayer, the reading of your Word. Father, Son, Holy Spirit, within whose unity lies all that is you, perfect love, justice, peace, and power. As we gather here today, your body, your church throughout this world, fill our outstretched hearts with your spirit, encircle us with…