Children, Mealtime & Table Grace

Adams Family Grace!

We thank you Lord for giving This food we need for living So join us while we eat it Because we really need it   This is sung to the tune of “The Adams Family” theme. Hum and click fingers in the appropriate places!

Morning, Pastors, Short

John Wesley’s Morning Prayer

O that we could begin this day in devout meditations, in joy unspeakable, and in blessing and praising Thee, who hast given us such good hope and everlasting consolation. Lift up our minds above all these little things below, which are apt to distract our thoughts; and keep them above till our hearts are fully bent to seek Thee every…

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Holy Spirit & Pentecost, Listening

Mighty Breath Of God

Holy Spirit, Mighty Breath of God, blow far from us all dark despair, all deep distress, all groundless fears,  all sinful desires, all Satan’s snares,  all false values, all selfish wishes,  all wasteful worries.   Holy Spirit, Mighty Breath of God, Breathe into us your holy presence, your living love, your healing touch,  your boundless courage, your mighty strength, your perfect peace, your divine grace,  your…

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Ancient, Celtic, Morning, Short

Morning Prayer – St Patrick

Christ be with us this day, Within us to purify us; Above us to draw us up; Beneath us to sustain us; Before us to lead us; Behind us to restrain us; Around us to protect us. – St Patrick 389-461AD – Submitted by Rob

Ancient, Creation, Mystics

Prayer Of Praise – St Patrick

Our God, God of all, God of heaven and earth, seas and rivers, God of sun and moon, of all the stars, God of high mountain and lowly valley, God over heaven, and in heaven, and under heaven. God who fills heaven and earth and sea and in all things that are in them. Who inspires all things, who gives life…

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Ancient, Before The Word, Short

To Meditate On The Word – St Jerome

Lord, You have given us Your Word for a light to shine upon our path; grant us so to meditate on that Word, and to follow its teaching, that we may find in it the light that shines more and more until the perfect day; through Jesus Christ our Lord.   – St Jerome 342 – 420AD

Intercession, Short

Intercession Prayer – Clement Of Rome

We call on you, Lord, be our helper and protector. Save the afflicted among us; have mercy on the lowly; raise up the fallen; appear to the needy; heal the ungodly; restore the wanderers of thy people; feed the hungry; ransom our prisoners; raise up the sick; comfort the faint-hearted. – Clement of Rome (died 99AD)

Before The Word, Pastors

Before I Speak

O Lord, I place myself in Your hands. I may l be tempted on this day in which I am blessed to speak to others to do so in my own strength, as though I have any word to say, and wisdom to offer, anything of my own. Forgive me now, Lord, and forgive me then, and turn me quickly to…

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Forgiveness, Longing

Repentance & Openness – Bob Hostetler

Lord God, my faithful Lover, you have been so good to me, in spite of all my neglect and thoughtlessness. From my earliest moments of moral awareness, I have chosen my own way instead of yours. Over and over again in my life, I have wrestled the sovereign’s crown from your head and tried to place it on mine. Too…

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