Prayer For Reconciliation – Mother Teresa & Brother Roger

Oh God, the father of all, you ask every one of us to spread Love where the poor are humiliated, Joy where the Church is brought low, And reconciliation where people are divided. . . Father against son, mother against daughter, Husband against wife, Believers against those who cannot believe, Christians against their unloved fellow Christians.   – By Mother…


Dying & Loss, Short

Facing Regrets

Forgiving God, when we notice how many things are still undone, and begin to regret, Restore our hearts. Forgive our mistakes. Bind up wounds of past mistakes. Transform our guilt into love and by your grace make us whole. In the name of Christ. Amen.


Prayer For Creation

Creator God, you make all things and weave them together in a tapestry of life. Teach us to respect the fragile balance of life and to care for all the gifts of your creation. Give wisdom to those who have power and authority, that life may be cherished and a good and fruitful Earth may continue to show your glory…



Care Of Creation

God of the universe, We thank You for Your many good gifts – For the beauty of Creation and its rich and varied fruits, For clean water and fresh air, for food and shelter, animals and plants. Forgive us for the times we have taken the earth’s resources for granted And wasted what You have given us. Transform our hearts…



A Closing Blessing

You are chosen! You are adopted! You are graced! You are saved! You are forgiven! You are known and loved! You are guaranteed an inheritance that will never spoil or fade! May the beauty of Christ be seen in you, May you be with Christ May you become more like Christ And may you live for Christ for ever. Amen.