Ancient, Praise, Short

No Praises Are Adequate

Who on earth can adequately sing your praises? What can my eye see with which I can liken you? What music is there with which to compare you? You are above me, below me, within me and without. All exist in you, all are from you, you give us everything you withhold nothing. Who on earth can sing your praises? Origin unknown, supposedly a Jewish prayer from around or just…


Ancient, Baptism, Blessing

The Lorica Of St Fursa

The arms of God be around your shoulders, The touch of the Holy Spirit upon your head, The sign of Christ’s cross upon your forehead, The sound of the Holy Spirit in your ears. From The Lorica of St Fursa

Pastors, Preaching & Reflecting

Empty Vessel – Dwight Moody

Use me, my Saviour,    for whatever purpose and way you require. Here is my poor heart, an empty vessel;    fill it with your grace. Here is my sinful, troubled soul;    refresh it with your love. Take my heart    for your abode, take my mouth    to spread abroad your glory, take my love    for the advancement of believers. May I never…


Celtic, Confession

Kyrie Eleison – From The Scottish Arbuthnott Missal

Father, True Essence of the Godhead, have mercy on us. Father, the Light and Creator of all things, have mercy on us. Father, who sealed humanity with your image, have mercy on us. Christ, True God and True Man, have mercy on us. Christ, Rising Sun, through whom are all things, have mercy on us. Christ, Perfection of Wisdom, have…



A Baptism Blessing

Holy Spirit come to open what is locked! (Touch the eyes) Holy Spirit, Open these eyes to the light of your presence, in every thing, to your work and your beauty in every one! (Touch the ears) Holy Spirit, Open these ears to hear your joy in all things, in all of life, and to deeply hear you in those…



Gardener’s Prayer

Bless, O God, my little plot of land, and the strength with which I’m tilling it, bless the seed I’m carefully planting, and the prayers I’m sowing with it. Bless the seasons that are coming, and the sunshine and the rain. Bless the days and shortening nights, and the hopes of my wee bairn. Bless, O Father of good giving,…


Blessing, Work

Blessing: ‘Nowhere By Accident’ – Richard Halverson

You go nowhere by accident. Wherever you go, God is sending you. Wherever you are, God has put you there. God has a purpose in your being there. Christ lives in you and has something he wants to do through you where you are. Believe this and go in the grace and love and power of Jesus Christ. By Richard…


Ancient, Christmas

Christmas Prayer – St Augustine

Let the just rejoice, for their justifier is born. Let the sick and infirm rejoice, For their saviour is born. Let the captives rejoice, For their Redeemer is born. Let slaves rejoice, for their Master is born. Let free men rejoice, For their Liberator is born. Let All Christians rejoice, For Jesus Christ is born. – St. Augustine of Hippo…


Christmas, Love, Mystics

How Miraculous A King Would Bow – Hildegard of Bingen

How miraculous – that a king stoop to enter the world of the ordinary, of the commoner, of His subject, of woman. But God did this. Why? Because humility, ever the lowliest of the low, always rises and triumphs- over everything else. And didn’t that woman know the greatest happiness? Cleaning up the ugly first mess, in its place she set a beautiful bouquet:…


Ancient, Preaching & Reflecting, Short

Beyond Noisy Words – Augustine

You, who fill heaven and earth, Always busy, always quiet, Who are present everywhere and everywhere are fully present, You who are not absent when far away, Who with your whole being fill Yet go beyond all things, You who teach the hearts of the faithful without the din of words, Teach us,  We pray. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.…



Rebuke Us Not!

Holy god, Lord most gracious! Rebuke us not in your anger, nor chasten us in your wrath! Holy you have called us to come to you. We feel unworthy, for we have failed you again and again. We feel like running away, yet you keep calling us. Have mercy on us, O God. Have mercy! Holy God, Father most gracious!…


Prayer Of Church

Struggle For A Just World

  Be with us, O God As we struggle for a more just world, Yet remind us that our actions so often tighten the mesh that binds the oppressed. Keep us form pride in our own strength, And keep us from despair when evil seems entrenched. Renew our trust in your good purposes for us all. Give us the gift…