In Advent We Wait

In Advent we wait for you, God the maker, Jesus the storyteller, Holy Spirit of live. In Advent we cry to you, God of Justice, Jesus of Bethlehem, Holy Spirit of hope. In Advent we long for you, You, God, are our love, Our warmth, Our light. – Ruth Burgess

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Lord of Light & Darkness

Jesus, Lord of light and darkness, Find us in the darkness, Find us in the light. Jesus, Lord of work and stillness, Make our work of worth, Make our stillness yours. Jesus, Lord of our past and future, Cover our anxiety with love, Cover our hopes with grace. Jesus, Lord of everything, Fill those who have nothing, Fill us with…


Christmas, Longing

Jesu Joy

Well for me that I have Jesus, O how strong I hold to Him That He might refresh my heart when so sick and sad am I. Jesus have I, He who loves me, He who takes me as His own! Ah, therefore I don’t leave Jesus, Lest I should break my heart. A Celtic translation of ‘Jesu Joy Of…


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Still Me!

Still me LordStill me, so that I can hear you Meet me hereStill me, I want to learn to love you Take me deepMeet me in the darknessBring your truthBring your lightStill me Lord! Julie Connah

Ancient, Easter & New Life, Short

Hymn Of The Life-giving Cross

O Christ our God Ceaselessly we worship Before your Cross That gives us Life; And praise your Resurrection, When on that third day You made anew Our failing nature Showing us so clearly The Way back to heaven. For you alone are Good, The Lover of Humankind. – John Damascus (676 – 749 AD)

Mystics, Poets

Unless You Lead Me

I cannot dance Lord, unless you lead me. I can leap with abandonWhen you, Lord, set the song. Then shall I leap into love, From love into knowledge, From knowledge into joy,And from joy to something beyond human experience.There I want to remain, yet You call me to circle higher still. – Mechthild of Magdeburg (1207 – 1282AD)

Lament, Short

God Of The Destitute

God of the destitute, prune our lives of all that we cling to. God of true wealth, draw us through the narrow gate of loss. God of Yeshua, living in those we neglect, through their generosity turn us to repentance, that we may be forgiven.  Amen. – Jim Cotter.

Aussie, Blessing, Love

Be Still In My Embrace

My child, My precious child, I love you! Come, rest in my arms of love. Be still in my embrace. Let me hold you during the storms. Let me comfort you in the dark times. For I know you. You are so precious to me; You are my beloved. My child, Be. Be what I made you to be. Be…


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Prayer For Rain

Good and Gracious God You are Lord of creation, by and through you Word all things came into being. Creator God, we pray for those areas of our country where drought has lingered long and where the land has become grey and desolate with waiting. Lord, pour out your blessings of rain upon the parched and thirsty regions of our…


Blessing, Celtic

The Flame of Christ

May the light of God illumine the heart of our souls May the flame of Christ kindle us to love. May the first of the Spirit free us to live this day, tonight, and forever. From Jamberoo Alley

Scholars, Short, Work

Shatter Our Complacency

Come, Lord, do not smile and say you are already with us. Millions do not know you, and to us who do, what is the difference? What is the point of your presence if our lives do not alter? Change our lives, shatter our complacency. Make your word our life’s purpose. Take away the quietness of a clear conscience. Press…



I Am Bending My Knee

I am bending my knee In the eye of the Father who created me, In the eye of the Son who purchased me, In the eye of the Spirit who cleansed me, In friendship and affection. Through Your own Anointed One, O God, Bestow upon us fullness in our need, Love towards God, The affection of God, The smile of…