Celtic, Hope, Short

Guiding Star – Saint Columba

Be to me, O God, a bright flame before me, a guiding star above me, a smooth path beneath me, and a kindly shepherd behind me, today, tonight, and forever. St Columba 521-597AD, Iona

Faith, Scholars

Astronomer’s Prayer – Johannes Kepler

Thank you, my Creator and God,   for giving me such a delight in your universe,   this ecstasy when I look at your handiwork. As far as my finite sprit has been able to comprehend,    I have shared with others the glory of your works   and your infinity. If anything I have said misrepresents you,   of if at any time I…


Lament, Pastors

Deal With My Jealousy – Thomas Fuller

Look at me, O God, and deal with my jealousy. I confess there are times when I would rather your work not done than to see another do it better than I could perform it. Forgive me, loving God, and dispossess me of this evil demon. Please give me humility to learn from others, not to conceitedly outshine them but…


Celtic, Journey & Travel

When I Travel – Saint Columba

I may travel alone yet I’m never alone, for you, my God, are always with me;   there is no need to be afraid   when the Lord of day and night   is always here. Within your hand   I am much safer   than with an armed band. St Columba 521-597AD, Iona

Ancient, Biblical, Scholars

Oh Good Samaritan – Saint Jerome

Show me your mercy, O Lord, and gladden my heart. What you see here is a man who has been caught by thieves, wounded and left for dead beside the road. You are the good Samaritan who picks me up and treats my wounds with your oil and wine. It is your pleasure that I should spend my days in…


Intercession, Pain, Pastors

When Caring For The Sick – Mother Teresa

Dearest Lord, may I see you today and every day In the presence of your sick ones, and while I am nursing them may I minister unto you. Though you hide yourself behind the unattractive disguise of the irritable, the exacting, and the unreasonable, may I still recognise You and say: “Jesus, my patient, how sweet it is to serve…


Evening, Short

Bedtime Prayer – Bruce Prewer

Loving God, as we go to our rest,     renew not only tired bodies     but also the hidden depths     of our complex being, where hope and compassion, faith, wisdom and love,     are made and nurtured. Let us rise tomorrow,     rejuvenated and eager. Amen.

Ancient, Easter & New Life

Christ Bridle Of Wild Donkeys

You, eternal Christ, are all things to us. You are the Bridle of wild donkeys, the supporting Wing of the eagle, the firm Tiller of ocean ships, and Shepherd of the King‘s lambs. The Joy of the saints, Word of the Most High, the Prince of wisdom, Workmate of those who toil, and Joy of the human family. You are the Singer of God, the Milk of…


Longing, Short

Waiting For you

Lord Jesus, many of us are waiting for you:    the war-torn are waiting for peace,   the hungry are waiting for bread.    the refugees are waiting for a homeland,     the sick are waiting for healers. Have you forgotten us? O Lord, come quickly, we pray. Amen. A modern prayer from Sudan

Ancient, Praise, Short

No Praises Are Adequate

Who on earth can adequately sing your praises? What can my eye see with which I can liken you? What music is there with which to compare you? You are above me, below me, within me and without. All exist in you, all are from you, you give us everything you withhold nothing. Who on earth can sing your praises? Origin unknown, supposedly a Jewish prayer from around or just…


Ancient, Baptism, Blessing

The Lorica Of St Fursa

The arms of God be around your shoulders, The touch of the Holy Spirit upon your head, The sign of Christ’s cross upon your forehead, The sound of the Holy Spirit in your ears. From The Lorica of St Fursa

Pastors, Preaching & Reflecting

Empty Vessel – Dwight Moody

Use me, my Saviour,    for whatever purpose and way you require. Here is my poor heart, an empty vessel;    fill it with your grace. Here is my sinful, troubled soul;    refresh it with your love. Take my heart    for your abode, take my mouth    to spread abroad your glory, take my love    for the advancement of believers. May I never…