Aussie, Old Age

An Old Man’s Song

What else can I do,

a weak old man,

but sing hymns of joy to you God?

If I were a magpie,

I would do it the magpie’s way.

If I were a brolga,

I would do it with elegant dance.

But I am a thinker,

so I will praise God

not just with my lips

but with mind and heart and soul.

This is my call,

This is my gift and service.

I will praise you Father till the end.

I will not desert my post of praise,

so long as I am allowed to be here.

Lord Jesus, send your Holy Spirit so others join me

in this song of joy to You!


– By Bruce D. Prewer

– Bruce adapted from this the Greek Stoic, Epictetus.

– I have edited it and adapted it for simple prayer.  (Matt)