Aussie, Blessing, Love

Be Still In My Embrace

My child,
My precious child,
I love you!

Come, rest in my arms of love.
Be still in my embrace.

Let me hold you during the storms.
Let me comfort you in the dark times.

For I know you.
You are so precious to me;
You are my beloved.

My child,
Be what I made you to be.
Be true to all that you are.

My child,
Breathe in my presence.
Breathe me into your deepest being
Closer than your heartbeat.
I dwell in the silence of your inner most parts.
I made you for this;
To be with me.
Let me show my love for the world through you.

I am with you always.
Rest in my ever-loving arms.

  • Contribued by Julie Connah