Aussie, Old Age

Prayer Of Mary McKillop

In you, O God, I take shelter
let me never be disappointed.
In your justice, rescue me, deliver me.
Turn your ear to me and save me!
Be mine, O mountain of strength!
Send your decree – deliver me,
for you are my rock, my fortress!
For you alone are my hope, God my sovereignI
have trusted you since my youth.
I have relied on your from the womb;
You sustained me from my mother’s breast;
To you I give constant praise.
As for me, I’ll always have hope,
and I will add to all your praises.
My lips will proclaim your deeds of justice and salvation
all day long, even though they are innumerable.
Your justice, O God,
is higher than the heavens.
You have done great things;
Who is comparable to you?
And so on the lyre I will praise you,
my ever-faithful God;
I will play the harp in your honour,
Holy One of Israel.

My lips will sing for joy while I play for you

My whole being, which you have redeemed, will sing.

And all day long,

my tongue will speak of your kindness.

Glory to you Source of Life, Incarnate Word and Holy Spirit,

Glory and praise to you forever.