Confession, Need Or Trial

Three Prayers Of Confession

Assure me
Lord Jesus Christ, you are my one and only Savior. I need the blessings you have set aside for me. Assure me that I am forgiven. Remind me that you promise eternal life in heaven with you. Give me a strong faith that always looks to you for these things. Amen.

A personal confession of sin

My Father, my God, I come before you drowning in wrongdoing—sin. All of my plans to leave sinful ways have fallen through. Instead of doing what you want me to do, I find I get myself into trouble instead. I know that I deserve eternal punishment for the evil things I have thought, said, and done. But I call on you, Lord. Be merciful to me. For the sake of the sufferings of Jesus, as he took my place on the cross, wash away my sin. Let me be grateful for your love and forgiveness. Amen.


Lord God, we have known sorrow and suffering. We have sinned and often strayed. As you are merciful, do not judge us according to our wrongdoing. But judge us according to the life and death that Jesus lived in our place, and forgive us. Help us correct our sinful ways. And remind us of the joy we will have in the mansion you have prepared for us in heaven. Amen.

– from prayers