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Camino Call – Rick Zweck

Set out!

You were born for the road.

Set out!

You have a meeting to keep.

Where? With whom? You’ll see.


Set out!

Your steps will be your words,

The road your song,

The weariness your prayers,

And at the end silence will speak to you.


Set out!

Your head does not know

Where your feet are leading your heart,

But the Guide will be with you,

Walking before you.


Set out!

You were born for the road,

The Pilgrim’s road.

Someone is coming to meet you

Seeking you

In the shrine at the road’s end,

In the shrine in the depths of your heart.

He is your peace.

He is your joy.



God walks with you.


– Pastor Rick Zweck (1953 – 2016)

– Although this is not strictly a prayer and we only publish prayers we made an exception because of how important to us Rick is and because this is a ‘call to prayer’.  Rick used this poem to introduce the labyrinth journey and call people to follow Christ.