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Sun Of The World – Thomas Cranmer

O Lord Jesus Christ,

You are the Sun of the World,

Always rising and never going down,

Your wholesome presence and sight,

Creates, feeds, and refreshes life,

Not only on earth but also in heaven!

We beg you to shine in our hearts

So that the night of sin, and the fog of falsehood may be driven away.

With you brightly shining on our hearts

We walk without stumbling as in the light of day,

We are made pure and clean from the works of darkness,

We come alive with good works which God has prepared for us.

Christ our Lord, with the Father and the Spirit,

For ever and ever.



– Thomas Cranmer 1489-1556. ¬†Editor of the ‘Book of Common Prayer’.

– This version of the prayer edited for simple and direct modern English by Matt!