Biblical, Faith, Praise

My Soul Is Thirsting For You

God you are my God,

I seek your face at dawn,

my soul is thirsting for you,

my body is pining for you,

parched ground, waterless and dry.

In the Sanctuary I long to adore you,

To behold your glory and power.


Your love is better than life,

my lips will proclaim your praise,

all my life I would bless you,

my hands lifted up in prayer,

my soul feasting till satisfied,

joy on my lips, praise on my mouth.


When I think of you as I sleep,

I remember you all through the night,

you have been my help,

I rejoice under the shadow of your wings;

My soul finds rest at your side,

Your right hand is holding me safe.


– Psalm 63. ┬áTaize translation.