Mealtime & Table Grace

Come Lord Jesus (Many Verses)

Come Lord Jesus be our guest,

and let these gifts to us be blessed.

Like manna in the desert given,

the Bread of life, sent down from Heaven.


– This prayer was traditionally been prayed almost everywhere through Australia among Lutheran Christians.  It’s origins are unknown but it has been popular among Methodists and Presbyterians too.  It is very similar to the Moravian Table Prayer which may be descended from the same earlier prayer.   (Matt).


Other versions abound and I think they are mainly from the USA…


Come Lord Jesus be our Guest, Our morning joy, our evening rest,

And with our daily bread impart, Your love and peace to every heart.


Come Lord Jesus, be our Guest, May this food by You be blest,

May our souls by You be fed, Ever on the Living Bread. Amen.


Come Lord Jesus be our Guest; And let these gifts to us be blest.

And may there be a goodly share; On every table everywhere.