Ancient, Easter & New Life

Christ Bridle Of Wild Donkeys

You, eternal Christ,

are all things to us.

You are

the Bridle of wild donkeys,

the supporting Wing of the eagle,

the firm Tiller of ocean ships,

and Shepherd of the King‘s lambs.

The Joy of the saints,

Word of the Most High,

the Prince of wisdom,

Workmate of those who toil,

and Joy of the human family.

You are the Singer of God,

the Milk of a nursing mother,

Fishman on the dangerous seas,

inexhaustible Light,

the Dew of the spirit,

and Pearl of great price.

Bridle, tiller, and bird wing,

shepherd, word and workmate,

singer, milk, and fisherman,

dew, pearl, light and joy!

And who are we?

We are your privileged retinue,

your choirs of peace,

the offshoots of your love.

With sincere hearts and minds

we celebrate the perfect ways

of you, our only Messiah.

Blessed is he who comes

in the name of the Lord!

Hosanna in the highest!

  • Clement Of Alexandria, 150-215AD