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To Your Cross We Come – David Adam

To your cross, O Lord, we come for healing, For you alone can make us whole. We come with the broken-hearted and broken-spirited, For you alone can make us whole. We come with those with broken relationships, For you alone can make us whole. We come with the broken in body or in mind, For you alone can make us…


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Prayer At The Cross

God of all goodness, By the hell and victory of the cross, embolden us to come to you, with our loud cries for tears to receive mercy and help in time of need.   – Joy Tetley. England. – As at Pg 52, “Prayers Encircling The World” Westminster John Knox Press    

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Hear Me Nor Hide Thy Face – Isaac Watts

(A Reflection On Psalm 102)   Hear me, O God, nor hide thy face; But answer, lest I die; Hast thou not built a throne of grace To hear when sinners cry?     My days are wasted like the smoke Dissolving in the air; My strength is dried, my heart is broke, And sinking in despair.     My…


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Beethoven’s Prayer

Lord God, give me victory over myself, that nothing may imprison my life. Be the guiding light of my heart, lift me up from the dark depths.   May my sou be caught up in your wisdom, Fight its way upwards in fiery flight. For you alone understand me, and only you can give me the power to keep going.   – This prayer…


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When All Fails – Mechthild of Magdeburg

Lord, it seems you have taken away all the blessings that I once had from you. In your grace, please give me now that one gift which every dog seems to have by nature— that of being faithful to you in my distress, faithful even when all comfort is gone. This I desire more passionately than anything else there is.…


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Prayer In Suffering – Johannes Tauler

Lord God, King of Glory, Help us to make the right use of the suffering that comes to us, Help us to offer to you the incense of a patient and trusting heart. In the name of Christ we pray. Amen.   – Johannes Tauler 1300-1361AD

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God Is Our Refuge And Strength

God is our mighty fortress, always ready to help in times of trouble. And so we won’t be afraid! Let the earth tremble and the mountains tumble into the deepest sea. Let the ocean roar and foam and its raging waves shake the mountains. A river and its streams bring joy to the city which is the sacred home of God…