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Enlarge Our Minds – St Augustine

O God, Light of the minds that see you, Life of the hearts that love you, Strength of the souls that seek you, Enlarge our minds, Raise our vision, Give us swift wings of thought, That our spirits may hear you, Eternal wisdom, From age to age, Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.   – St Augustine Of Hippo 354-430AD  (This…


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Life In You – John Cassian

Lord God, You are the greatest and holiest mystery. Be all of my love, all my hope, all my striving; let my thoughts and words flow from you, my daily life be in you, and every breath I take be of you.   – St John Cassian 360-435AD.  Also known as John the Ascetic, or John Cassian the Roman.  He learned…


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Holy Spirit In The Murky Corners

Holy Spirit, Pour into those murky corners where we hide shabby things, dark memories, and unsavoury desires which we do not wish to see, yet withhold from your grace.   Bring into your light the buried grudge, the venom in us, the bitterness we nurse, those secret fears which sap our energy, and the pessimism which is an insult to your…


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A Prayer Of Moses

Deuteronomy 32:1-4 Listen, heavens, and I will speak; hear, earth, the words of my mouth. Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants. I will proclaim the name of the Lord. Praise the greatness of our God! God is the Rock, whose works are perfect,…