A Baptism Blessing

Holy Spirit come to open what is locked!

(Touch the eyes)

Holy Spirit, Open these eyes to the light of your presence, in every thing, to your work and your beauty in every one!

(Touch the ears)

Holy Spirit, Open these ears to hear your joy in all things, in all of life, and to deeply hear you in those around us now!

(Touch the forehead)

Holy Spirit, Open this mind to your wisdom, to hope, to peace. Open this mind to know you deeply and to love the mysteries of grace!

(Touch the lips)

Holy Spirit, Open these lips, to praise you, to encourage, to lift up, to forgive, and to bring truth and joy to all!

Jesus, we welcome your Spirit’s blessing upon your child here!


  • Adapted from the idea in an old traditional baptism prayer.
  • By Matt.